I Really Want my Post Lipo Scars to Go Away. What Do you Recommend? (photo)

I got lipo about 9 months ago and I have been aggressively trying to get rid of these scars. Because they are pinkish still, I have had 5 treatments (once a month) with a laser that targets pink. We have really turned it up the last couple times and bruised the scar in hopes to cut of the blood flow that is making it pigmented. I still haven't seen much change. I wear swim suits in the summer, so I'm pretty desperate for a solution! Is there any specific laser or treatment you recommend?

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Treatment for scars post liposuction

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It sounds like you are using pulsed dye laser right now which is typically helpful for treatment of red scars.   I would try a non-ablative fractional laser as well such as Fraxel.  Also consider the use of silicone gel sheeting such as Scar Away.  If the scars are hypertrophic or firm/raised, intralesional Kenalog can be very helpful.  You should discuss these options with your physician.

I Really Want my Post Lipo Scars to Go Away. What Do you Recommend?

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Thanks for the posted photo. Unfortunately you did not understand or were not fully explained that the ONLY way to preform any type of liposuction is by making small incisions. That is cut into the skin, the risk is small scars. Over time they should fade but trying the pulsed dye laser, silicone sheeting, other modalities can slowly help. But to have these totally do appear by this summer is unrealistic. Sorry. 

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