Want to Have More Children, but Am Unhappy W/ my Stomach / Strechmarks. What Are my Options?

I think I look really nice...with clothes on..lol! I used to have a really nice stomach..but I had a baby 3 years ago & although I workout like a mad woman...my lower abdomen is very flabby & its covered in stretchmarks. Im planning on having more children...so I wouldnt want to do an actual tummy tuck...What are my other options?..I miss my bikinis : (

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Few options for stretch marks when a tummy tuck is not indicated.

You are making the correct decision in regards to surgery. Because you would like to have more children, a tummy tuck is not a great option at this time. Unfortunately, stretch marks do not respond to creams, lotions, or potions. They are essentially scars underneath the top layer of skin. Treatment is to surgically remove the involved skin. Short of that, the best advice I can give is wear what you like and have fun with your kids. Forget about the stretch marks for now and don't let a small cosmetic imperfection ruin your summer!

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Unhappy with Abdomen After One Child

In general, if you are going to have more children, it is not recommended that you have any type of abdominal procedures or liposuction including a mini abdominoplasty until you’ve had all of your children. It is just not prudent to do that. One is better off having all of your children and then waiting 6-12 months and then consider an abdominoplasty in combination with liposuction if needed in the lateral flanks (hips) areas for shaping.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
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Timing for Tummy Tuck Surgery

It is best to consider tummy tuck when you are finished with having children and wish a long term correction for excess skin, stretch mark reduction, and abdominal muscle area tighening.  If you wish to have another child, you may undo some of the benefits of tummy tuck if you proceed now.   A mini-tuck of the skin may be a reasonable choice for you if you feel you have to do something now.  Yet, the results of a mini-tuck are usually very limited.  Working out hard may be your best option now.    Good luck!

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What Are my Options?

Keep up the exercises, but although they will keep you fit, it sounds like the problem is with skin elasticity. Only excising the excess skin will help you.

Usually this is best delayed until after a woman is done having children, because another pregnancy is likely to lead to the same problem and to another surgery. 

If it bothers you enough, a mini-TT could be done without compromising the possible need for a later operation. 

Thanks and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Without and exam it’s hard to give you adequate advice. After having 3 children and your thinking on having more, a tummy tuck would be the only procedure to give you, your flat tummy back. You can do lipo to give you some result’s but the skin will still be loose. You should see a Certified PS to go over your options.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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