I Want a Mommy Makeover, I Want It Done in the Usa and I Can Afford 9000 USD, Where Can I Find a Good Surgeon for That Price?

Well, I know I am not the ideal candidate, I am overweight, I am also working on loosing weight. My belly is my main concern, it stands out further than my breasts, got two rolls and is hanging, my breasts usually lay on top of my belly, they are size 44J and hanging and my tighs are fat. I look kind of like a pear.

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Mommy makeover costs

The cost of surgery can vary tremendously. I am concerned when people shop for a price for a procedure   You can always find a cheap surgery from a cheap surgeon.  Is that what you really want.  Do some homework in your area. Chose the best and figure out the finances after.


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Mommy Makeover

You are proceeding correctly in attempting to lose weight. For optimal results, you will want to approach your target weight. Surgical fees will vary widely so your budget may be reasonable in some parts of the country such as South Florida but not necessarily where you live. Moreover, you may be eligible for insurance coverage of the breast reduction. Consult with 3 - 4 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons to understand your options.

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Mommy makeover and fixed budget

It is good that you are working on loosing wight and preparing yourself for surgery. As for the surgery costs you have to contact your local plastic surgeons and find out what are the rated. Although money is a limiting factor, you should base your choice of plastic surgeon on the quality of his/ her the work.

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Mommy Makeover Surgery and Cost?

Thank you for the question. You are doing the right thing by achieving a long-term stable weight prior to undergoing surgery. Doing so will improve your chances of achieving the results are looking for and minimize the chances that further surgery will be necessary (in the event of weight loss after surgery).

It will be up to you to do your due diligence in the process of plastic surgeon selection. I would suggest starting with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and/or the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgery to obtain a list of well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Then, I would suggest you visit a few surgeons whose practices  concentrate on aesthetic surgery. Ask  to see lots of examples of their work and preferably speak/see patients who have had similar procedures done.

You will find,  while doing your due diligence,  that there are many different “specialties” who will offer their services to you;  again, I strongly recommend you concentrate on surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  
I would also suggest that you do not base your selection of plastic surgeon primarily on costs of surgery;  keep in mind that revisionary surgery may be more costly in many ways.
I hope this helps.

You get what you pay for.

It sounds like you need some type of abdominal contouring with liposuction and panniculectomy, combined with a breast reduction. The cost will vary by region, but it will be difficult to find a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon who will do one of these procedures for $9000, yet alone BOTH.  You might be eligible for insurance coverage of your breast reduction if you really are a J cup. This may be an option for you. Otherwise, you may need to save more money or attempt more weight loss on your own. My advice...if you find a surgeon who will do both procedures for $9000, be very very careful because you often get what you pay for.

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