I Want to Do a Liposuction with Laser but I Am Scared with the Blood Clot Thing I Read Online?

I have Gyno, tried to lose weight , didnt work out. around my belly , fat need to remove it. (not necessity as my breast) 189 cm- 102 kg I am scared of blood Clot! :( what to do ?

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Laser Lipo and Blood Clots

Thank you for your question. The risk of a blood clot is rare, and a problem with patients who are not walking as adequately after surgery. Speak to your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon about options after surgery to decrease clots.  I hope this helps.

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Risk of blood clots with laser lipo exists but is not common

Laser liposuction is generally considered a relatively safe procedure especially when performed under local anesthesia without sedation.  However, it is still a minimally invasive surgical procedure, so there are still certain risks even though they are rare.  To minimize the chance of a clot, your surgeon will ask if you have a personal or family history of clots or conditions that could predispose to clots like systemic lupus.  Blood tests may be ordered.  You should definitely be as mobile as possible after surgery as movement keeps blood moving making it less likely to clot.

Lawrence Osman, MD
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