I want lip implants but my lips are naturally very thin - will this affect how big I can go with implants?

I read that permalip comes in 3 sizes. I would like to go for the large as I read that it can take time for swelling to go down. I don't necessarily want a natural look. I want them to look as though they are considerably fuller.

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Great question.  Your right, not all lips will look good by just placing an implant in them.  Your surgeon should be able to evaluate your lips to see if you are a candidate.  Sometimes your lips will need to be enlarged with additional surgical procedures such as a sub nasal lift or by removing the skin around your lips and making your red lips larger.  These surgical procedures can be done before or after the implants are placed.  I would be cautious if doing an implant along with a surgical procedure because too much swelling may occur and compromise your healing.  Good luck, a great set of "pouty" lips are very attractive and youthful!!

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