Which At Home Laser Is Best? Diode/IPL/Etc?

hi, Iam indian girl.I have hormone imbalance problem and thyroid.i have unwanted hair on my face and body.so i heard home lasers are available in market.i want to buy that product.I don't know diode laser or IPL lasers or other home lasers are best for permanent hair removing.so plaese suggest good working home laser removal for me.iam confused to read home laser removal product reviews.so please suggest good product for me.

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Are home laser treatments safe and effective?

Hi, thanks for your question,

There are many products on the market now that offer home laser treatments. Some may be partially effective, but they lack the power of a true laser machine and without proper understanding, you could burn yourself. No home laser machine has been FDA-approved, whereas ALL top laser machines (Palomar, Cutera, Candela-we use Cutera) have been FDA-approved to remove hair. This means they were thoroughly tested for patient safety. The treatments may appear costly, but they offer much better long term hair reduction than any over the counter product.

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At Home Lasers

Thank you for your question. I do not think an at home laser is a great option when you can go to your local Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon and have a very effective and safe treatment with a 1064 YAG laser.  An IPL is safer for very light skin, but not dark ethnic skin.  I would prefer a diode laser to an IPL for your skin type if an at home laser is your only option. I hope this helps.

Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD
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Home Laser

At home lasers are available. However, your skin type is difficult to treat, and easy to have unplanned results. Moreover, you should consult with an expert prior to starting a treatment either at home or in office as your hormonal issues may make laser hair removal ineffective.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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