I Want to Increase my Breasts Again, My Doctor Says It's Too Risky, Is This True?

I had surgery 2years ago for my large breasts.They looked great at first, seemed like the perfect size after surgery,but of course after a couple week are taken as normal,so I wanted ever since larger breasts.I was the doctor who operated me and asked me it's more risky now to operate and remove my implants it is possible to become infected and can not put me at all. Now I know that there are many cases where implants have changed thousands of times,nothing happend. What do you advise? thank you

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I don't recommend replacement of implants with larger implants unless there is a specific reason to reoperate.

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If you breast are soft and natural, leave them alone.  Some day a capsular contracture may form or the implant might fail.  An operation would then be indicated.  It is at that time that change to a bigger size could be considered.  If you tamper with a good result, the second operation exposes you to the risks of any secondary operation.

Risks Associated with Increasing Breast Implant Size?

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Thank you for your question.

Generally speaking, increasing breast implant size can be done with relatively low risk if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. Sometimes additional procedures may be necessary to achieve the patient's goals ( such as breast lifting and/or capsulorrhaphy surgery).

It may be that, in your case, your plastic surgeon has specific concerns about a greater risk associated with your surgery than  with other patients. You may want to clarify this with him/her.

Best wishes.

Revision to Go Larger

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Some women can more easily house larger implants than others. It has to do with their bodies and available tissue for implant coverage.  It is reasonable to discuss risk before going larger. Maybe discuss what risks your surgeon feels are pertinent to your case as you consider going further.


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John P. Di Saia, MD
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