I Want Hip and Butt Implants is This Possible? (photo)

I want implants in my butt but also near my hips to widen them. I know its foolish of the hip implants to be placed on my hip bones it would be unnatural looking and just crazy. I have a rectangular figure so everything is straight no define waist. I need curves to look more feminine and not so boyish. Can this be done because I dont have a high body fat to do a fat transfer to that area. I need a butt that is full in the top middle and bottom (apple bottom)

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Hip and Buttock Implants

Buttock implants are good when fat is not available to transfer to the buttocks and hips.

In that case Buutock implants are considered. Buttock implants come in different sizes and shapes.

Hip implants can be put in the area you desire to widen the hips. Depending on the shape and the area to be enhanced sometimes I do recommend cutome made implants, where a mold is taken for the area to be enhanced and the company will manufacture a custome implant.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Butt and what implants?

Hip implants would be a bad idea, buttock implants are a consideration however in the photo's that you sent I would not recommend them.

Walter D. Gracia, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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