What Kind of Laser is Best for Hair Removal & Estimate Amount of Treatments?

Hi, Here are some pictures. The lighting was bad so my skin color may not be accurate but im guessing i should go with the ndYag laser- This was after about 72 hours of shaving- how many treatments would i need? Is it really worth it to have an expectation of a hair free face unless i choose electrolysis- i dont mind yearly maintenance though after few laser sessions- my guess is that i may need about 6-8 sessions. Look forward to hearing your advice-

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Laser vs Electrolysis

You shouldn't really compare these two methods. I think lasers are preferable in every situation!

You want a physician who has lots of experience and the settings he or she uses and your response to them will guide the treatment. Also, it is not realistic to expect a "hair free" body. You will have a dimunition of the hair permanently. With a lot of my patients who are women, more hair shows up with aging (on the face). The laser of course is never going to treat the hair that hasn't shown up yet! Many patients  who are successfully treated with get touch up treatments in the future, as needed. Every one gets six treatments and some need more. If you decide to stop the treatments you can do that without harm but its best to commit yourself to at least six.


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Laser hair removal with LightSheer Diode laser

At Toronto Dermatology Centre, we use LightSheer Diode laser for hair reduction.  It works well for all skin types, is virtually painless, and the new large tip allows for very quick treatment sessions - e.g. ~20 minutes to do the entire back!  Approximately 6-8 sessions are required.  Check out: torontodermatologycentre.com/Laser_hair_removal


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Best Laser For Hair Removal

In our office we use the Nd:YAG, part of the Sciton Laser system. We have deemed this the best laser for all skin types and if programmed correctly will be very effective. Nd: YAG can be used with all skin types but as with most Laser Hair Removal systems, dark pigmented hair responds the best. We suggest a minimum of 4 sessions per treated area. Your practitioner will be able to give you a better idea as to how many more you may need after your first few treatments. Good luck!


For more information regarding Laser Hair Removal, please visit the link below.

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