I Want Further Shorten Previously Shortened Chin, What is Best Method, is my Goal Achievable? (photo)

I used photoshop to give idea of what I want. I'm smiling so that makes my chin more prominent. Few years ago was told there's soft tissue in chin that can be removed, but I see nothing about this on internet & was not shown any before/after pictures of this type of reduction. He also said at same time he could tighten the skin that would be loose under my chin and I still look funny under my chin due to my first reduction. Another doc said get an xray to consider removing more bone.

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Submental Approach to Chin Reduction

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I would assume that your first chin reduction was done through a submental approach. That would be how any further efforts at vertical chin shortening would need to be done in your case. This would allow the bone to be vertically shortened as well as manage any soft tissue redundancies that may also occur. Due to your observation that you still 'look funny' under the chin from the first reduction, this also points to using the same approach. This funniness is undoubtably due to redundant soft tissue and speaks to further soft tissue reduction. In a straight vertical chin reduction an intraoral osteotomy approach could be used and an x-ray would definitely answer whether that is a viable option. Either way, I suspect there is still room for improvement in soft tissue redraping under the chin.

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