I Want a Fuller Perkier Look to my Already Large Breast, What Would Best Suit my Needs?

So after my pregnancy and breastfeeding with my first child my breasts stayed at a DD. There is quite a bit of hang and am wondering if there is a procedure that would best suit or help make them perkier and full. I know that breast augmentation will probably be needed but in this case but I do not want to be any larger then a DD, is it possible where i do not go any larger then my original breast size with implants?

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Perkier Breasts After Pregnancy

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Having a  more uplifted breast usually involves shortening the skin fold at the bottom of the breast and raising the nipple higher.


This can be done while leaving your breast the same size, making it smaller, or adding an implant to make it larger.


All breast lifts require a scar on the outside of the breast, and the scars may be longer when more lifting is done.


My preference is to use the LeJour technique, which rearranges your own tissue to provide more fullness at the top.  How full you get at the top depends on the quality of your breast tissue and sometimes an implant is needed.  It all depends on your examination and what your goals are.

Perking Up the Large Breast without Breast Implants: Breast Lift with Auto-Augmentation

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The maintenance of breast volume in the large sagging breast can be a challenging task. Your options include:

  • Breast Reduction: will reduce the size of the breast, but lift and re-shape the breast. This will decrease your cup size .
  • Breast Reduction with a Breast Implant: this will remove some of your breast tissue and lift the breast, but give you back volume to where you probably need it which is in the upper pole of the breast. This has never made sense to me because it introduces a foreign body into the surgery with a breast implant as well as the need for maintenance of the breast implant. It is also hard to maintain the volume of the implant in the proper position, because it will fall just as much as the heavy breast, and it usually adds too much volume back to the breast leaving you even larger. This operation seems counter intuitive by replacing your breast tissue with an implant, though some patients do prefer this option.
  • Breast Lift with Autologous Augmentation: this is an operation which I perform that is perfect for the sagging large breast. The operation lifts and reshapes the breast, but gives the fullness that a breast implant does without the need of a breast implant. The operation basically shapes the breast tissue like an anatomic breast implant and then supports the breast tissue with a breast lift. This would be a great option for you and I would be more than happy to discuss this further. Dr. Trussler   

Augmentation / Reduction

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While it is not possible to give you a definitive answer without a detailed examination and discussion about your goals and concerns I can tell you that I have had other patients who have expressed similar concerns.  You are interested in contradictory goals.  On the one hand you would like breasts that are lifted, perkier and full and on the other hand you do not want to be any larger.  My best results in patients with these goals is to perform a two stage procedure.  The first stage is a reduction and then, at a second surgery perhaps 6 to 12 months later, to place implants and touch-up the reduction if needed.  This could be performed in one surgery but is more difficult and prone to problems.  I concur with the recommendation to make sure you consult an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon with experience in cosmetic breast surgery.  Good luck.

Perkier Breasts

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Although a photograph or a face to face examination is probably warranted, based on you description of being a DD and 'quite a bit of hang', it's safe to say that you will need a breast lift, and possibly a small to moderate reduction to achieve a tight and uplifted (perky) breast.  Simultaneous placement of implants may also be considered as well, and would give you fullness in the upper pole and/or a return to your original volume.

This type of surgery is complex, and requires skill and experience to perform well (low incidence of complications, fine scars, a pretty breast shape, and a durable result).  It should be performed by very experienced surgeons that have an excellent reputation for complex breast surgery.  A minimum requirement is certification by the ABPS and membership in the ASAPS.  You should not be looking for the lowest price, as that has been shown to increase your risk for complications and poor results.

Best of luck!

Breast lift after pregnancy

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Thanks for your inquiry.  Without a picture it is difficult to advise, but a general concept I can offer.  If you are pleased with the volume of your breast in a standard bra without padding or tricks, then a breast lift without implants may please you.  If you desire the implant to enhance shape, in my opininon your absolute volume of the breast will go up even with a significant skin excision.  Finally though, this absolute increase in volume can occur with only sublte changes in the size bra you are wearing if you choose a modest implant and a only a subtle change in how your clothes generally fit.  Hope that helps. 

Be careful what your expectations are in breast surgery

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In you case, it will not be possible to achieve a long term "perky" full upper pole look.  You need a breast reduction and lift and neither of these will make that look.  Also, whae the tissues are stretched out as in your case, they cannot hold an implant up over the long term for that perky look.  Best plan is to get the reduction/lift and wear garments for the full look.

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