I Want to Get Fraxel Laser Done but I Cant Do 3-5 Treatments Now. Can I Get One Treatment As a Boost to Improve my Skin Texture?

I am a student; therefore on a student budget but I can afford to do a treatment now. I had acne which left some pigmentation marks on my skin and also a few mild scars, but not too many and I have black skin. I am currently on a regimen where in the day I am using 10% glycolic moisturizer with skintx hydroquinone treatment, a 20% vitamin c serum and la roche posay spf 60 sunscreen and at night I use a prescription retinoid mixed with the skintx hydroquinone treatment with Creme de La Mer on top

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Acne scars and treatment

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You're doing everything correctly. I would change, however, the creme de la mer, for the scientifically proven, Skin Medical Essential Serum that helps promote your own collagen by stimulating your fibroblasts, which are the cells in your dermis that make your collagen.


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Fraxel and Skin Texture

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Fraxel can work well for improving skin texture and pigment--even in a single session although multiple treatments are usually better. Special consideration must be taken with black skin as Fraxel requires a modified approach with dark skin.  It is extremely important that you be in experienced hands as technique as well as the understanding of the different types of Fraxel lasers is critical to a safe and effective outcome.

Roy G. Geronemus, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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