I Want to Know That Dental Bonding is Only for Minor Treatments Like Chipped, Cracked Tooth?

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Dental bonding

Bonding can be used for minor and major procedures. I try to limit to smaller areas because when the bulk of material becomes to large the failure rate increases dramatically.

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Dental Bonding

Hi silent killer...Dental bonding, when used as a filling, is called a bond or white filling. It can be used for small or large fillings.  Dental bonding can be used cosmetically to close gaps between teeth and to repair chipped teeth. You can use dental bonding as a very inexpensive and less invasive technique to cover teeth and conture them to look esthetically pleasing.  It is not veneer quality even in the hands of a wonderful cosmetic dentist, but it may work for people who want their smile and teeth to look good and can not afford veneers! Bonding is used in many dental procedures. How good your teeth look afterward depends on the skill and experience of the dentist!

Dental bonding?

Bonding is a term used when a filling of tooth color in nature is used large or small its a technique good luck



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Dental Bonding for Minor Treatments

Depending on the skill and artistry and knowledge of the Cosmetic Dentist, Bonding can be used for many treatments, even major ones. BUT, only in the hands of a truly skilled, experienced and artistic Dentist. There are NOT that many around!

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