I'm 40 years old. How much will it cost me to remove my eye bags in Arizona?? (photo)

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Cost of Eyelid Surgery

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Dear Mr. Vera:  questions regarding cost are very fair and reasonable.  It is difficult to provide precise pricing information without an in person examination and consultation  Factors that affect cost include:  surgeon fee; anesthesia fee; facility fee; primary versus revision surgery.  After your consultation, patients receive a detailed written quote containing pricing information.

One resource is the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery website.  There is a resource to locate a facial plastic surgeon in your area. 

Best wishes.  Dr. Shah

San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon

Cost of eyelid surgery

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Thank you very much for inquiring about the cost of eyelid surgery.  While cost is certainly an important factor, there are a number of other considerations that are important as well.  It is important to find a reputable surgeon who understands your concerns and clearly explains what will be involved in a dressing them.  Your surgeon should also explained the risks and benefits of eyelid surgery.  Like many surgical procedures, eyelid surgery is much more difficult to revise or repair been to perform well initially.  I would suggest doing your homework carefully when it comes to finding a surgeon.  Even if your preferred doctor is more expensive than a competitor, the value of a quality experience with a superb surgeon cannot be underestimated.  If you can get names from friends, coworkers, or relatives who have personal experience with a surgeon, that is always helpful.  Best of luck!

Brian Biesman, MD
Nashville Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Eyebag treatment cost in Arizona

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Lower eyelid blepharoplasty costs can range depending on the exact treatment required for each individual circumstance. The expertise and experience of the surgeon will also affect the cost.

In my practice, I prefer to use general anesthesia and perform the surgery in an accredited surgical center which will also affect the overall cost.

I would estimate the cost to be between $3000-5000.

Best Regards,
Dr. Stutman

Ross Stutman, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

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