I Want to Know Why My Chin Is Still Swelling 9 Days Post Op?

hi my chin was really big and i had chin reduction 1 week 2 days ago n i dont know i see my chin still really big..it doesnt looks smaller..

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Chin swelling after surgery

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Not to worry!  It is very common for your chin to still have a great deal of swelling 2-3 weeks after surgery.  The chin soft tissue complex is quite large and dense.  During a reduction surgery the entire complex is lifted and the bone is then drilled down to a smaller size.  But the act of retracting on the tissue as well as the time frame for that tissue to shrink wrap down on the new structure beneath can be somewhat prolonged.  Give it time and have patience.  You should expect to start feeling and seeing improvement by 1 month from surgery and by 3 months you will be able to make some honest assessments of your results. 

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