I want Chin and mandibular implants: Candidate? (Photos)

3 months ago I was genioplasty but did not get the results I want. I think two months after the implant surgery. I want gonial angle for my jaw (kind of brad pitt, leonardo dicaprio). some asymmetry in my jaw available. I want to fix them. I want chin and mandibular implants. I thinks Conform™ Extended Anatomical Chin or Flowers Mandibular Glove. Which one should I choose and what size should be? or another one that would suit me? I will be very glad if you can help. Thanks...

Updated question: I want EAC and mandibular angle implants. both at the same time feasible?

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I want Chin and mandibular implants: Candidate?

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Yes, you are a perfect candidate for augmentation in both the chin and mandibular angle.  I use chin implants (EAC) to augment the chin and Radiesse to augment the mandibular angle.  The recovery is quick and the results are great.

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