What Are My Options To Increase The Size Of My Small Butt?

I hate the way i look in jeans and clothes, i want a more bigger butt with out implants, what is it a Brazilian butt lift but how much fat will i need, i dont want it super huge just bigger to fill out my bottom half of my body how much would does that kind of surgery cost?

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Buttock reshaping

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Your goals seem realistic.  Your height and weight are appropriate to move forward with the operation of fat grafting.  There is no need for you to gain weight so that we can suction enough out, you have enough if we add several areas together.  If you gain weight for the procedure, then you'll just lose it and the risk of a contour deformity after weight loss in areas of liposuction grows.  Be smart, just go in for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and during your examination it will be evident if you are a good candidate.  From what you are describing, you are.

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Butt augmentation and fat transfer

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If you don’t want to have butt implants, then, your only option is the Brazilian butt augmentation. This is essentially a fat transfer procedure. Fat is removed from different parts of your body, reprocessed and injected into your buttocks. Typically, you need to be approximately 20lbs above your ideal body weight in order to have at least 500cc of fat for each buttock.

Buttocks Augmentation Options......

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Hi Ladistudress
Really, there aren't many options, at least not that are safe.  The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure includes liposuction, usually around the waistline (and other areas if needed), removing fat cells, then injecting these fat cells into your buttocks.  When this is done by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, experienced with this procedure, the fat will likely be there permanently.  I have seen patients of mine at about 10 years after this procedure and they look identical to their appearance at about 3 months after the procedure.  This is a much safer procedure than Buttocks implants, with much more natural results.  The least safe option would be Buttocks Injections with material such as liquid silicone from which numerous people have died

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Your own fat can be used to make a bigger butt!

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Brazilian butt lifting, or fat grafting to the buttocks, is a no implant way to make your butt more filled out.  You have to have enough body fat to remove with liposuction, to have enough fat to inject into the tissues around the buttocks area.  Depending on your metabolism and exercise patterns, this fat can be maintained for a good while.  Consult a local plastic surgeon to find out their rates for this procedure.

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Brazilian Buttock lift

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Brazilian Butt lift involves liposuction of excess fat in the body, preparing that fat and then transfering the fat to the buttocks. It also involves reshaping the buttock to a more pleasing shape bu liposuction around the buttock and filling depressions and dents around the buttock to give you a round or an -A- frame shape. Enhances the flanks and the posterior lower back that defines the buttocks.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Cost varies depending where in the country the procedure is to be done; the surgeon’s expenses will vary with how difficult the harvest will be, and many factors.  Find a BCPS who can assess you and provide a financial proposal.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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