I want some cartilage removed from the tip and nostrils just wondering what my options are?

its my first time looking into this so as much info as possible would be helpful

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Tip Rhinoplasty

Hello Gareth.  This may entail an open rhinoplasty (direct elevation of the soft tissues from the underlying cartilage framework). 

During a rhinoplasty operation, the underlying bone and cartilage structures are carefully sculpted. Sutures are also used to remodel the tissues. For example, if a patient has a large, bulbous nasal tip, then a combination of cartilage sculpture and suturing are used to narrow and define the nasal tip.

Hope this is helpful.  Best wishes.  Dr. Shah

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Removing Cartilage from Tip and Nostrils

I'm not sure what you want to achieve. If you're trying to decrease the size of the tip cartilage removal may not be necessary. For example, maybe the surgeon can just change the contour. I need to see pictures before making recommendations. My website has instructions on views to submit for nasal evaluation.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Tip thinning

Cartilage can be removed quite easily under oral sedation and local anesthesia . This removes the risk and involvement of either general anesthesia or IV sedation anesthesia. Certainly if no bone breaking is being done this is the safest and easiest way to go. Whats next most important is to choose a surgeon who does Rhinoplasty work all the time, has tons of happy patients and can get you a natural and unoperated on looking result

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Hello!! When researching about Rhinoplasty it important to specify your expectations. You need to find a board certified plastic surgeon and schedule an evaluation. The doctor will need to evaluate your nose from different angles to determine the best options for you. There are specific adjustments that are needed to acheive the best most natural results. Your plastic surgeon can help you understand what is best for your personal case.

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Rhinoplasty to remove cartilage from the tip and nostrils

Nasal tip surgery usually involves suturing the tip cartilages together to make the lower lateral cartilages of the nasal tip more narrow, and conservative cartilage removal is also necessary in some occasions. For more information please see the link below

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I want some cartilage removed from the tip and nostrils just wondering what my options are?

There are a great number of techniques available to modify various aspects of the nose. Pictures or an exam would be necessary to allow for further commentary.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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I want some cartilage removed from the tip and nostrils just wondering what my options are?

Rhinoplasty is the only surgical option to change the size and/ or shape of the nose. If you want more specific recommendations, you can post some photos of your nose. However, you definitely should schedule an in-person consultation with a highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Removing cartilage from the tip and nostrils with a rhinoplasty.

Removing cartilage from the tip and nostrils with a rhinoplasty is possible but I would need to see good photographs uploaded to give you a proper answer. Otherwise I would just be giving you a guess and this would not be made with a knowledge of what you really need.

Toby Mayer, MD
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