I want a breast lift & implant. I am 30,no kids. Worried about scarring. Breasts 22.5cm & 22.5cm low. (photos)

I have been offered a benelli lift with 480cc implant o/muscle. I like the size but am worried about drooping quickly. I have also been offered full lift with 300cc. I am worried that implant will be to small for my curvy figure and am worried how long the scar will take to heal. I need to know a realistic time I will need to take off work as I am a stripper and show my breasts at work so it would have to be not very noticeable or be able to cover with makeup. I have added picture plus pics of dream breasts. Thanks

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Desired breast shape not scarring should determine your breast lift procedure

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I understand your concern about scarring.  However in my experience the most important thing is to achieve a beautifully shaped properly  positioned breast and nipple.  Your second consultation using appropriate sized breast implants sounds like a better option.

Considering lift and augmentation

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Does scarring affect your patrons generosity in terms of gratuities?  If not and you truly need a lift, a vertical lift produces a much better profile then the Benelli procedure.  Scars will take a long time for the redness to resolve.  Without photos, its hard to comment on just what would be best for you as the goal results you show represent more of a natural look rather than super perky.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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I want a breast lift & implant. I am 30,no kids. Worried about scarring. Breasts 22.5cm & 22.5cm low.

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      The pictures are before and afters of other patients?   It is very difficult to assess what would be appropriate for you without examining you and trying on sizers in the office.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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