I Want to Get Breast Implants. What Method Would Be Best for Me? (photo)

I've never really liked my breasts. I'm 23 years old and since I started exercising a lot I've gone from a D cup to a B. I feel self conscious and dont feel like a woman. I've decided to do something about it and get implants next year. I'm concerned I could need a lift? I don't really want the scars though, but my nipples sit quite low. Could I achieve good results with implants only? What method would give me the best results?

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Best Breast Implant Method

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Thank you for your question. You have nice natural looking breasts that simply have lost volume or fullness because of your exercise and weight loss.

Breast augmentation with breast implants will restore your volume and make your breasts fuller without having the scars associated with a breast lift.

In addition you are very young and may want to have children in the future and I believe it is best not to have the additional surgery of the breast lift until you have decided not to have more children.

Finally, if after your breast implants you feel that your breasts would look better if they were higher you can always have a small breast lift as a secondary procedure later on. In fact often the best results are achieved with a breast lift if it is done as a second stage procedure after the breast implant has adjusted to your body shape.

Be sure to consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, who is experienced in cosmetic breast surgery, and has a good local reputation. Hopefully you can find friends who have had surgery by the surgeon you choose and get the benefit of their experience.


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I think you could get great results without a lift. Based on your pictures, I wouldn't recommend a lift. You should see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area for an in person consultation.


Breast Implants with or without lift

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I understand your concern, you are young and do not want to put scars on your breast. You may get enough lift just going with a breast implant alone. You can always do a lift later on down the road if necessary.

Implants plus lift

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You are a great candidate for an implant plus a periareolar lift which just leaves a scar around the areola. I am concerned that you would not like the shape of your breasts with an implant alone. That being said, a much larger implant can cause some lift and obviate the need for the lift. Best to have an in person consultaion.

Breast implants

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Dear BtoDD: breast implants could be enough. But having a mastopexy with minimum scars will offer you much better results. Breast beauty is not only about volume, take nipple position into consideration as shape of the breast as well. Kelvin

l Eusebio MD

Kelvin Eusebio, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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