I Want Breast Implants. I Am Male, Large Shoulders, Some Breast Flesh. How Do I Get D-cup Breasts?

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Try on sizers!

First you need to find a surgeon who specializes in th entreatment of transgender patients.  Then you need to try on sizers.  You will know the right size when you see it!

MTF breast augmentation

One the advantages of hormone treatment for MTF transgender patients is the development of breast tissue, and initial stretching of breast skin. In a large framed individual, it is fairly easy to gain a great deal of volume using high profile implants.

Karen Vaniver, MD
Kennewick Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants in a Transgender woman.

Typically, a transgender woman has broader shoulders and is taller.  They can often tolerate larger implant sizes.  As far as how can I provide you with a D-cup depends on you breast deminsions and how much pre-existing breast tissue you possess. Paients will have their measurements taken, a phyical exam, and then we take the information and look at the breast implant manufacturer's sizing charts.  This will give us a specific size implant that  will fit the breast deminsions and provide an estimated cup size. 

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