Want to make boobs firmer and fuller? (photo)

What will be the best procedure to full out my breasts? I currently wear a 36C bra. I want to undergo surgery to bring my breasts closer and make them fuller and perkier. When I lie down, they fall flat on one side or droop when I look down.

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Want to make boobs firmer and fuller? (photo)

Any lifting operation will leave scars. Maybe liposuction and than fat grafting is an option for you. But over internet very hard to tell..

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I would recommend a mastopexy technique to improve your breast shape. If you want more fullness, mastopexy techniques can do this too, unless you want a lot more fullness, in which case an implant can be used too.


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Breast lift and possible breast augmentation can make breasts perkier and firmer

Thank you for your question and photographs. A breast lift or dermal mastopexy will lift the breasts and make them firmer. In some cases breast implants with breast augmentation are also added to increase the size and firmness of the breast.

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