I Just Want a Big, but HEALTHY, Butt! Are Implants A Good Option For Me?

I am 200 lbs and 6'0, and I want butt implants so bad. I originally wanted fat grafting, until I kept seeing forums where doctors said you will lose 60 percent of the fat. Is this true? And if so, if I get implants in underneath my muscles, will they get hard and immovable? Please give me honest answers, I will pay any amount for my procedure!

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How Much Fat Survives with the Brazilian Butt Lift.....?

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I have to disagree with the statement that when you have the Brazilian Butt Lift that 60% of the fat goes away!  I believe it is more like 20-30% goes away on average.  I have done cases where I'd estimate about 100% survival and worst case scenario where about 40-50% survival.  In EVERY case however, EVERY patient has a 100% natural appearance and feel to their buttocks, and almost always their size is larger than they would have gotten with implants.   The results you obtain all depends on how the procedure is done and what you do afterwards.  As I tell all of my patients..... Dead Fat Cells Always Go Away!  If the surgeon's technique doesn't work, or if YOU don't follow the recommendations after surgery, your fat may die! 

I do not recommend Butt Implants to anyone unless they have no fat to be transferred.  Butt Implants have a very high complication rate which requires removal in up to 30% of patients who get them.  I have done many Butt Implants with many happy patients, and unfortunately some not so happy. I use Butt Implants as a last resort only!  

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