I Want Bbl W-fat Grafting- Vertical Fat Above and Below Belly Not to Hips. Mini-tt or Lipo? Also Previous Pilonidal Cyst Removed

5'1 145. 34DDD 38-28-39 Hips no volume on sides or in back. incision in pubic area from Myomectomy.

1. I have belly fat that is in the center,that does not go to my hips that is above and below my navel. Will I require a tummy tuck or can I possibly do the lip with the Exilis treatment to tighten the loose skin. My belly is where I carry most of my fat. I also have a small myomectomy incision.
2. I had a pilonidal cyst removed years ago. A doctor told me they were not sure if they could improve that area. Do you think that area would be a problem?

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Would need to photos...

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Can you upload photos. Its hard to say for sure without seeing pictures. In general if the scar in the back can be lifting off the underlying tissues, then some fat grafting might help.


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