I Want to Do a 25% TCA Chemical Peel on my Hands and Arms. Is This Ok? And How Do I Prepare for It? (photo)

My hands and arms look terrible. I'm 48 and my arms and hands look like a 90 year old. Would a 25% TCA help and how do I prepare the area for it?

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TCA peels for hands, arms, chest

TCA peels can be used effectively to rejuvenate the skin of other areas than the face. However different areas of the body have to be treated differently because the skin is much thinner over the hands either less coats or a less strength TCA is required than say your arms where the skin is thicker. It is key to make sure your Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist has lots of experience to prevent complications; For example,  it is important to pre-treat with some prescription creams first. This is to prevent  brown spots following a TCA or any other peel, laser or deep dermabrasion procedure. This is  called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The inflammation part is a normal part of the healing process but unfortunately you are sensitive to the sun which is what causes it. 

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