Keep getting fillers to fix drawn In and hollow cheeks but after 2 weeks the problem comes back even worse? (Photo)

After getting liquid facelift 2 weeks ago and many fillers every couple months my cheeks go back to being drawn in and sunken, not a good look after spending so much money and every time it looks worse! Please any advice will be greatly appreciated, at my wits end. Is it my skin or the surgeon (tho In Harley street) or is there any treatment that will last more than 2 weeks!!!!

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Liquid facelift

Hi there, where was the filler injected? If you can post before and after pictures I can provide a more accurate answer but from the one picture you posted it looks to me like the filler was injected into the mid-cheek, and instead a better product for you would be Sculptra, which builds collagen over time and is great for people with very thin faces. I usually inject it in the upper cheek and temple area to pull the whole face up and create more volume.

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Cheek hollowness

Hello and thank you for your question and your photographs.  It would be helpful to know what type of fillers were injected.  Based on your photographs you have a combination of volume loss and structural support. The reason why you keep seeing the hollowness is because the structure needs to be build up first and then followed by volume addition with dermal fillers. I would highly suggest you look into something called Sculptra aesthetic which is a natural collagen builder and is a great option for you to rebuild your facial structure first. You will need about 5-6 vials to recontour your face and I highly suggest findnng a Sculptra expert in your area as this product is not a simple filler, requires special preparation a few days ahead and special injection technique. If everything is done correctly with appropriate amount used, likely you will need 3 appointments with one month in between, the results last on average minimum 2 years up to 5 years!.  Hope this helps. Best, Dr.Avaliani

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