What can I do? I hate my nose! Can I do anything than rhinoplasty and/or make up? (photo)

I know I need rhinoplasty but, my mom won't let me, I also can't use makeup. I'm 14 and i hate my nose.I hat that the top of my nose is smaller that the bottom.A the top is always where the attention takes away. It always shines like where the glabella and/or nasion is. What can I do to reshape ,remodel,and/or reshape my nose without make up?

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Saddle Nose Deformities Can Be Reshaped With Nonsurgical Nose Jobs

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Although a side view photo would have been extremely helptul, from the frontal view photo provided, it appears that the "top of the nose being smaller than the bottom" described here is actually a description of a saddle nose deformity, which, as the name implies, is a saddle like depression of the bridge area of the nose. In my experience this problem is more common in Asians and other people of color.

Happily, saddle nose deformities can be easily treated NONSURGICALLY, even in persons as young as the early teens, via the injection of a volumizing filler. My favorite for this purpose in my Upper East Side Manhattan office is a combination of Radiesse and Perlane L. In my Israel satellite facility, where a great many more volumizers and fillers are regulatory agency approved, I prefer to combine Radiesse with Restylane SQ." 

The procedure takes about five minutes to perform and the results are immediate and typically engender a "Wow!" response. There is also little or no downtime involved. 

Consultation and treatment by a board certified core aesthetic physician with extensive experience and expertise is a must. Make sure to request to see the physicians "befores" and "afters."

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