Does the size of the implant reflect the cost?

The larger the implant used, the higher the price?

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Breast implants cost the same regardless of size

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Thank you for your question.  The size of breast implants does not affect the Price. Breast implants cost the same whether they are 200 cc or 700 cc.

If you are being charged differently for different sizes (not style)

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you should find another surgeon.  Implants of the same style all cost the same for the same style.  Saline implants are the least costly and textured anatomic gels costing the most.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Does the size of the implant reflect the cost?

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Hello Calicat

As you can see from some previous answers, size and cost are not related.

It's like buying any product. The difference is, you need specialist knowledge to make a decision about which implant is most suited to your body shape and type, and your expectations for the result.
So, different shapes are different models, and therefore attract different costs. There are also, I believe, different qualities of implants, so, for example, in my practice in Sydney, I only offer patients from a range of what I believe are the highest quality implants. I am not prepared to use an implant that I do not have faith in, from a quality point of view. I am looking after my patient's health and wellbeing by making this stand.
So, I would offer the patient a range of options that I believe would best suit her, explaining the differences (cost wise and also advantages and disadvantages of the different implants). I believe it would be a huge mistake to choose an implant based on cost, without considering the other factors.

I suggest you consult with a fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon(referred to as Board Certified in the US). We have many years of specialist training and  a great deal of expertise. We can work together with you to guide you so that you make the correct choice for your body.

I wish you well in your journey!

Do larger implants cost more

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No.  Implant costs vary slightly by manufacturer and are relatively close in price.  The size of any given implant made by a specific company does not affect their cost.  The newer gummy bear type of implants which have an anatomic shape and more cohesive gel are more expensive, but they are not necessarily better.

Have a thorough consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to help determine what is best for you.

Steven M. Camp, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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Its not the size, its the shape of the implant that effects cost

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As others have noted, the size of the implant does not effect the cost. A 250cc saline implant costs no more than a 450cc saline implant. While there are some differences in the cost between saline and silicone implants the cost difference is modest unless you are looking at shaped implants. There can be significant cost differences between traditional round versus the new form stable shaped implants. Your plastic surgeon should be able to help you decide which implants are best for you and advise on the costs of the different options. 

Sarah A. Mess, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Cost

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Hello and thank you for your question,
No, the size of the implant does not affect the price. The type of implant may, depending on your surgeon's pricing structure. Silicone filled implants do cost more than saline filled. Usually that is reflected in what the surgeon charges for the procedure.
Best of luck to you!

Does the size of the implant reflect the cost?

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Thank you for your question. No, the size of the implant does not reflect the cost. There is one cost for saline implants (which is typically lower) and one cost for all gel implants regardless of the size that you choose. I hope this information helps you and good luck!

Fadi Chahin MD, FACS
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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Diplomat-American Board of Plastic Surgery

Fadi Chahin, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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