I had open rhinoplasty almost 5 months ago, will my nose change as time progresses? (photos)

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Healing time...

I usually tell my patients that at 6 months post op, 25% of the original swelling is still present, especially at the level of the tip that may still feel firm. I do not take post-op pictures before 1 year since the tip width, thickness will change over time. so yes your nose will improve with time! 

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Variability and Timing in Rhinoplasty Recovery

Thank you for the question and your photos. Rhinoplasty healing is really quite variable. The differences between patients are related to exactly what was done in the surgery (e.g., breaking the nose bones vs. just tip reshaping), each patient's unique healing abilities, and the thickness of the patient's skin. The textbook answer is that rhinoplasty healing takes a year to be "done." The reality is that for some patients, and especially in revision cases, this may be longer than a year. For primary cases in patients with thin skin, it may be much less than a year.  Best of luck and take care.

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Rhinoplasty Healing

In most cases, it takes a year for the nose to fully heal after nasal surgery (rhinoplasty). While the upper nose heals faster, the tip in particular matures very slowly. I have seen subtle changes, and increased softening occurring up to two years after a primary rhinoplasty in some, while others look great at a few months. There is a tremendous amount of variability, and of course, it depends on what was done. Your plastic surgeon is the best person to provide guidance, as they have the most information about your particular experience. Best of luck to you, and speedy healing.

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