Lump at bottom of implant

I can feel a lump at bottom of implant when I discussed this with ps he said it was scared tissue. I'm worried as it's 2 year in October and feels bigger. Is tge gp best to go to or tge ps? If I'm told it's just scare tissue how can I be sure thanks

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Lump at the bottom of augmented breast

It's possibly an "implant knuckle" or fold in the implant, palpable through thin tissue coverage. An experienced plastic surgeon can usually discern that from a mass but if there is any suspicion, you would likely be referred for a sonogram, ultrasound or MRI to better understand what's going on. If that would give you some peace of mind and it's affordable for you, it might be worth requesting a radiology work up to get a better look at what's going on inside.

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