Lump at bottom of implant

I can feel a lump at bottom of implant when I discussed this with ps he said it was scared tissue. I'm worried as it's 2 year in October and feels bigger. Is tge gp best to go to or tge ps? If I'm told it's just scare tissue how can I be sure thanks

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Lump at the bottom of augmented breast

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It's possibly an "implant knuckle" or fold in the implant, palpable through thin tissue coverage. An experienced plastic surgeon can usually discern that from a mass but if there is any suspicion, you would likely be referred for a sonogram, ultrasound or MRI to better understand what's going on. If that would give you some peace of mind and it's affordable for you, it might be worth requesting a radiology work up to get a better look at what's going on inside.

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