I am in the process of having a dental implant done on one tooth (infected rt canal)cost 10k++. (photo)

Did she pay 200k for all teeth? My teeth are a mess.I was told when my adult teeth started coming in that I had practically no enamel and after grinding years ago they are now tiny and brownish. I don't smile around people. Veneers seem like a cosmetic answer to a painful prblm & I've heard they shatter and are very expensive. How can someone have a mouth full of implants? It seems like a better but intensive choice.This implant will b a disinfecting, graft, screw, impression, and fitting (5 appts over 9 mo).Do I have options?

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Solution to lifelong tooth problem.

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This is by no means a diagnoses but based on the one picture and your narrative I venture to say that the relationship between you bottom and top teeth may be misaligned.  The position of the teeth may be leading to bite problems that are wearing down your teeth.   Replacing a front tooth with an implant is a bandaid.  The implant will have issues with it such as screws loosening, porcelain breaking and bone loss. Before committing to any treatment I suggest you consultant with a comprehensive dental team to address your bite.   This can result in pursuing orthodontic treatment followed by everything else which may be veneers or crowns or bonding.    Ps full mouth of implants can be had for under 50k in North America. 

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