Is it possible to correct my uneven eyelids? (Photos)

My eyelids have creased differently since birth, making my right eye appear smaller than the left. I would really like to have both eyes crease like the left one. Is this possible? If so, what are my options?

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Beg to differ with a surgeon who has posted here.

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You actually need bilateral double fold surgery.  Both upper eyelids have issues.  You have significant bilateral upper eyelid brow elevation to compensate for upper eyelid heaviness.  To get the best possible result, surgery is needed on both sides.  The goal is to make the two eyes more symmetric and jewel like.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Double eyelid surgery

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A procedure to make the two eyelid creases more symmetric may be helpful for you.  In a study we did a few years ago we showed that Chinese women  who have those eyelid procedures are thought of as more attractive by most people including people in both the USA and in China.That procedure can often be done right in the office.  Best of luck!

Jeffrey H. Spiegel, MD
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Upper eyelid asymmetries

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Yes, your upper lids are uneven with the left side showing more lid skin itself. In addition, there is mild asymmetry of the eyebrows. To be honest, if you were my daughter, I would not pursue surgery. 

Frank P. Fechner, MD
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You have different superior eyelid position

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this is not an easy problem to be repaired. But it is similar to double eyelid repair. you only need it on the right upper eyelid. there is no true ptosis, just asymmetric eyelid crease. 

Asymmetric eyelid appearance

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You may have some options, surgical and non-surgical. Start with a thorough examination with an experienced eyelid surgeon to discuss the crease asymmetry.

Flora Levin, MD, FACS
Westport Oculoplastic Surgeon

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