Could the incision not healing properly have caused eyebrows to fall after browlift? (photos)

I had a browlift with absorbable sutures 2 months ago. My brows aren't as arched and it seems they continue to fall. I only had 2 incisions. After staples were removed there was bleeding and scabbing. Only a couple days ago the scabs fell and now I have wide scars. I'm wondering if it caused my forehead to droop bc the incisions didn't heal correctly and/or maybe the internal sutures didn't hold. My forehead is still numb in spots and has a weird pain. Also having hair loss ALL over my head.

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Forehead Drooping after Brow Lift

Depending on the technique used to lift your forehead, there can normally be some settling of brow position for a few months after surgery regardless of the scalp incisional healing. It would be important to look at your before and after pictures to assess your outcome and discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Minimally invasive techniques can lead to subtle results in certain individuals. Temporary numbness and intermittent nerve sensations such as shooting sensations, tingling, burning or itching sensations, can occur after these types of surgeries and usually resolves over months up to one year. Generalized hair loss from the stress of surgery is also common and is temporary. 

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Brow lift

First, it is always best to review your concerns with your surgeon. There are different methods of performing a brow lift and they are not equal.  Some brow lifts are more powerful and longer lasting but have a larger scar.  In your case you had a "small incision" type brow lift and you avoided a longer incision, so... expect less.  This type of brow lift will result in an initial early lift with progressive sagging resulting in a very small lift over time.  Hair loss after any surgery involving the scalp can occur.   The hair will grow back but it will take months.  You can speed up the return of the hair by using products that stimulate hair growth.  Discuss this issue with your surgeon to see what they recommend.The numbness and weird pain are not unusual and should improve with time.

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Brow Lift

Thank you for your question. The brow lift was completed to make small incisions in the hairline so that once you are finished healing, the scars will not be visible. You will not notice full healing after the two month post op mark, however, you should not be experiencing hair loss, numbness and other discomfort at this point. I suggest that you consult with the surgeon who performed your procedure. Best wishes,

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Could brow lift not be healing properly

What you describing may be cause for concern. Discuss all of you questions wit your Doctor at the soonest time available.

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