How would you make me beautiful? (Photos)

Iv always felt truly ugly. I wear makeup to hide what's underneath. There's honestly nothing I like. Without makeup I look like a featureless potato, but I feel with makeup I look like a 5ft 11" tranny! I'd love to look more feminine, naturally pretty. Petite features with strong eyes. What can be done to make me look more feminine? What would you do to improve me?

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Facial feminization

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Your face is very feminine and attractive to begin with. I would agree that a rhinoplasty with tip rotation would help but that is pretty much the only procedure I can think about while looking at your photo. YOur forehead has a very natural and feminine shape as well as your cheeks and your refined jawline.

Jupiter Facial Plastic Surgeon
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More feminine

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Your face is already very feminine.  The first step is to sit down with an experienced facial surgeon and review the specific parts of your fcae that bother you.  Based on these two photos there are a few procedures that I think are worth discussion with your surgeon.  The area at the top of your nose, the radix, is a little low.  This makes your brow appear strong, which is masculinizing.  If you were to have a rhinoplasty the radix could be built up and the tip of your nose could be made more delicate.  Especially in the second photo your upper lip looks thin.  if this is the case a lip lift at the same time a rhinoplasty could make your lip appear fuller and larger.  Your surgeon will help you decide if these procedures are right for you.  

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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Facial feminization?

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first of all, you look beautiful with and without make up. The only thing that I would suggest for feminizing your face is a natural rhinoplasty. The hard part is finding an experienced  surgeon who does natural rhinoplasty without the overdone look. This is what you should be looking for and do not rely on imaging. If the surgeon  can not show you  natural noses without the overdone look then look elsewhere. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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