Waking Up Gasping for Air Because Breast Implant Causing Pressure?

I had breast implants done 3 months ago, everything been fine until recently. I wake up constantly gasping for air no matter what positon I am in. It feels as if my lungs are being pushed on and it stopping me from sleeping. I am afraidto go to sleep cause I feel my breathing going to stop completely and I won't wake up. I have to sit up just to catch my breath.

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Shortness of Breath 3 months after Breast Augmentation

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      Anyone with shortness of breath after breast implant surgery should be evaluated by the plastic surgeon or the ER, depending upon proximity.

Breathing issues after breast augmentation

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You need to be evaluated by your primary care physician ASAP.  I do not think your implants are causing these issues if your surgery was three months ago and you had no problems until now.  

Tightness in the chest is common after sub muscular breast and plant placement that will not affect ventilation

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Sub muscular placement of breast implants causes many patients to experience tightness of the chest. This does not however affect the ability to breathe..

Respiratory Problems 3 Months after Breast augmentation?

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I'm sorry to hear about the  problems you have experienced. At this point, 3 months after breast of augmentation surgery, I would not assume that any respiratory difficulties you are experiencing are related to the breast surgery.  Medical evaluation by your primary care physician is indicated ASAP.

 Best wishes.

Breathing Difficulties Months After Breast Augmentation

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These chest/pulmonary symptoms are most unusual after the placement of breast implants. This is not a problem I have ever heard of before, particularly at 3 months after surgery. These symptoms may or may not have anything to do with your breast implants. You need to be evaluated by your family physician or even an emergency room visit to make sure you do not have a serious underlying pulmonary problem. 

Breathing difficulties 3 months after a breast augmentation is not normal

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This certainly seems to be a very unusual symptom following a breast augmentation especially at 3 months post op.  This could be due to a spasm of the muscles of the chest but there are also reports of the development of a pneumothorax.  You should be evaluated as soon as possible to rule out any serious medical condition.  

Gasping for air after breast augmentation

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It is unusual to have difficulty breathing 3 months after breast augmentation. It sounds like you need to be evaluated ASAP to r/o causes of shortness of breath.

Breathing problems after surgery.

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I hope that you have already been back to your physician and or your plastic surgeon for evaluation of this unusual complaint. There is a possibility that a lung problem is causing your shortness of breath.  A chest x-ray or specialized CAT scan may be needed.  If your problem is persisting or worsening, you should consider immediate evaluation in your hospital emergency room.

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Douglas J. Raskin, MD
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Gasping for air

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Hi, i have not heard of this before, especially this far after your surgery.  I would go get evaluated and get a chest X-ray.  Make sure there isn't something else going on. 

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