I got the Bone Grafting done on the right upper jaw 5 days ago and the pain is still there. How long does the pain last?

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yr bone grafting procedure might be done along with some surgery, so pain may last upto 10 days. if exists more, contact dentist

Discomfort after bone grafting

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It is normal to have some swelling and discomfort after bone grafting. It peaks at 3 days after the surgery. But you should start getting some improvement and reduction in swelling and discomfort at 4-5 days post surgery 

if you are not getting any improvement or if you develop more swelling and discomfort, you should consult with your surgeon to make sure you are not developing an infection. 

Timing is important. even if infection is developing, a stronger antibiotic  could make this a success otherwise, the bone graft will not work. 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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