Unilateral Ptosis After Flu and Hyperthyroid? (photo)

I had a unilateral muller muscle repair for a levator dehiscense 16 months ago on the left eye. 4 months later my right eye appeared to be droopy and my oculoplastic surgeon did a repair on the right eye, which was overcorrected and required more surgery. My eyelids have been completely symmetrical for 11 months until I came down with the flu and woke up with a big right eye with swelling that I felt behind my eye. I am also midly hyperthyroid (0.01) for about 16 months. Could this be TED?

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It is possible

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Thyroid Eye Disease [Thyroid related Orbitopathy, Graves Ophthalmopathy] has a host of different names.

Though TED can present quickly over a course a few weeks, it is not usually an OVERNIGHT problem.

If you had a the flu and woke up with a bulgy eye with swelling, lymphangioma is a more likely culprit, followed by Idiopathic Orbital Inflammation [or Orbital Pseudotumor]

I would recommend a consultation with an Oculoplastic surgeon. You can find one close to you at ASOPRS dot org.

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