Why Do I Wake Up with a Swollen Spot on the Malar Bone After Blepharopasty and Mid-face Lift?

Today is the one month anniversary of my upper and lower blepharoplasty and mid-face surgery. Healing is proceeding as expected. However, my concern right now is this extra swollen spot on my left cheek bone that appears on my face overnight. I'm still sleeping on a recliner with my head elevated. I try to sleep on my back but tend to roll over on my side in the middle of the night. In the morning, I apply ice to this area and the swelling goes down. Is this normal? What causes it?

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Swollen area over Malar area post Blepharoplasty and Mid Face lift.

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It is common to have swelling in this area for some time after the procedures you have mentioned.  Sleeping with your head elevated is a good thing.  You already pointed out that your head moves when you fall asleep and the area becomes dependent.  This can lead to swelling.  You already noted that ice helps as well.  Let your surgeon know your concerns as well.

The reason is that mid face surgery takes many months before all swelling resolves.

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At night you lay down and this allows the swelling to redistribute.  Eventually this swelling will resolve but it does take time and one month is not enough time.

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Swelling after surgery

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This us a very common compliant after facial surgery.  It usually is swelling that occurs during the night.  Your face maybe turn downward on that side which makes it dependent.  This should resolve over time.

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