Should I Keep Waiting? I got my implants about 6 months ago. (photo)

Alittle over a month ago my doctor told me I was healed after being on antibiotics and having to get restitched twice. 2 weeks after the incision started bleeding and draining. I went to see my ps and he said there was a pin hole in the incision and to just let it heal. Well 4 days ago my right side started hurting and swelling and of coarse draining. I went to my surgeon and he put me back on antibiotics which did help. I look great but Im uncomfortable.

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Breast Implants

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Unfortunately our body does not do well with infections around foreign bodies like breast implants. It is important to see a surgeon soon and have this dealth with. A salvage procedure may be attempted before removing the implants

Healing problems after implants

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You most likely have an infection with your implants.  These will probably need to be removed.  See your surgeon.  Donald R. Nunn MD   Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Should I Keep Waiting? I got my implants about 6 months ago.

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Posted photo not helpful. But if you are draining for 6 months than you have a subacute infection in the implant pocket. Seek second opinions in person to determine if implant removal is indicated.//

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