Is Waiting 6 Weeks for a Consult Normal? Do I Need to Loser Weight Before Having BBL and BA? (photo)

I'm wondering if 6 weeks is a reasonable time frame for a consult. Also, I am 5'9-5'10 (I've lost height due to a couple herniated disks after childbirth) my weight right now is bouncing around between 210 and 220, I have hypothyroidism and since the birth of my third son last fall I have not been able to get back down to my usual 180'ish. I have had my levels tested and they are in range, My question is do I need to loose a lot of weight before I can have BBL and BA procedures? I feel huge! lol

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Weight loss and butt lift and breast augmentation

It is always good to get to your goal weight before embarking on surgery.  This will allow the doctor to work on you at your best.

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Loosing weight prior to body contouring surgery

Whenever considering any body contouring procedure you want to be a a stable weight.  Many of my patients have problems loosing all of the weight that they would desire.  If you are planning on loosing 40 pounds then it is best to lose about half of that prior to your body contouring procedure.  The more weight you lose the safer the operation and the smoother the recovery.   

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Body contouring

The most important thing in a body contouring patient is to have them stable regarding their weight. Ideally we all would like to be near our ideal body weight and then do the body contouring that we anticipate. In reality that is a less common event. I usually have the patients give themselves a three month trial of really trying to diet and exercise and see where they end up. Some are successful and reach their goals, some are unable to lose any weight and some lose some and  then are stuck. After the three months the patient and I know what we are dealing with from a physical point of view and from a mental pint of view. It is unlikely that the patient will be able to lose weight after the body contouring if they were unsuccessful prior to the procedure. Therefor the results from the procedure should be stable. 

So give diet and exercise a reasonable trial first if you can. Best of luck.


John P. Stratis, MD
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Weight and Body Contouring

The procedures you are considering are ideally done when you are at a weight you are able to maintain easily as weight fluctuations in the future will adversely affect your results.  In addition, having a lower BMI decreases your risks for post-operative and wound complications so it would be beneficial to you to achieve a weight as close as you can to your ideal weight that you can maintain before having surgery.  Good luck with this and your desired procedures.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Is Waiting 6 Weeks for a Consult Normal? Do I Need to Loser Weight Before Having BBL and BA?

Thanks for the one side view photo posted. But your questions seem to go from getting in to see the chosen PS to which weight you need  to be. To what operation you may need? If you mean 6 weeks to see the PS for the first time, than yes that seems very long. Seek other opinions. As for weight loss before a surgery. Best to be within 10 to 20% of ideal weight but if liposuction for fat grafting is one of the operations than you could consider having the operation at this weight. Because of the need of good fat for transfer. On the other hand it could effect the BA operation. Also you might consider a TT. Better to seek a few in person evaluations while you wait the 6 weeks. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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