Should I Wait for my Face to Adjust After Weight Loss Before I Go Through Affirm Laser and Sculptra?

I just lost 30 lbs, and I'd like to know, are there any advantages to waiting for the face to adjust before going through Affirm Laser and Sculptra procedures?

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Weight loss can create more facial laxity

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I would not wait as you will see that you will probably notice additional facial volume loss with your weight loss. This is a good thing under chin but not in your cheeks, temples, and lower eyelids which may appear more volume depleted. I would recommend starting your injections with the understanding that you may need additional treatments. Congratulations on your weight loss.

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Weight Loss is Great Except for The Face

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Congratulations on your weight loss. This is hard work but a worthwhile endeavor. Unfortunately we cannot always choose where the weight loss will come from. Many of us end up looking older when we lose weight in our face. We need to replace this volume (fat, muscle, bone) in our faces to look young. Think of a balloon as the air comes out the latex gets all shriveled; this happens to our skin as well. If you are finished in your quest to lose weight this may be an ideal time to have a filler and resurfacing. It may not necessarily be the ones that you have stated that are best for you ( Sculptra and Acclaim) It is important that you have a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who can guide you. Good Luck.

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