I waited 3 months after breast augmentation and downsized two days ago. What can I expect?

33, no kids, nonsmoker, tight skin, petite 5'1. I went from 250cc silicone implants down to 130cc submuscular through incision under the arm. I would like more information, will they hang lower since the pocket was made for an implant twice the size?, can I do anything to help shrink the pocket? How long does it take for skin to bounce back, days/weeks/months? I just feel like I don't know anything regarding downsizing this soon and am in the dark.

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Concerns after your downsizing

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Is there a reason you cannot discuss this with your surgeon? Ideally, your surgeon should manage all acute post-op concerns or issues and yours is certainly considered 'acute'. Otherwise, your pocket will shrink to some degree over the smaller implant and I hope your results turn out as you expected.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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What to expect after downsizing

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If your implants were in place only three months there will have been little effect on the breast skin and envelope. Your surgeon will know best how the pocket was adjusted and the implant positioned, but if the current implant is centered in the breast and the look is good, things ought to work out for you.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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