Do I Have to Wait a Year if I Am Adding Cartilage to my Nose?

I had rhinoplasty 7 month ago and my nose was made too small (short). I am now wanting it made a bit longer so cartilage needs to be added. Must I wait a year? If not, how soon can I have revision done?

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Waiting 1 Year for Augmentation Revision Rhinoplasty

It is best to wait at least 1 year before getting the cartilage grafts necessary to lengthen your nose. Be sure your surgeon is experienced in revision rhiinoplasty.

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Waiting for One Year Prior to Rhinoplasty Revision

Hi Sharpie,

It is a great idea to wait for one year prior to do revision surgery on your nose.

You may be tempted to move forward with the surgery, but you would be best served to wait one year to allow resorption of the swelling.

Your corrective surgery can be done more precisely and you will get much improved result if you wait.

Hope this helped.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Allowing a year prior to rhinoplasty revision

The longer you wait, the more defined the tissue planes are likely to be. This allows time for the scar tissue deposited during your initial procedure to mature, soften, and resorb.

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Revision surgery after rhinoplasty

There are many changes that occur during the normal healing process after rhinoplasty, and some of the scar tissue continues to soften for the first year after surgery. Often it is advisable to wait at least that long before contemplating any additional surgery. Your plastic surgeon should be able to evaluate your nose as you continue to heal and determine optimal timing for any revisions.

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