Wait Time for Otoplasty After Puncturing Inside With Needle?

So I hit my ear a couple of days ago and thought it was more swollen than it really was so I poked in it with a needle into the cartilage to supposidely "drain" which wasn't sucessful of course. I wanted to get otoplasty soon and my concern is if I will have to wait longer to get the otoplasty because of me poking it?

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Otoplasty After Ear Trauma

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I would wait until you are certain that all swelling and bruising of the ear has resolved. While sticking your ear with a needle on your own is never a good idea, if you were going to develop an infection it would likely develop within a week or so of doing it.

Otoplasty after needle puncture and trauma

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You might have thought you had a hematoma. But I would really let someone who specializes in that to help you. Your idea was correct though, so kudos to you. The question of whether you need otoplasty will depend on how you look and you should base this on some consultations with facial plastic surgeons.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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