Wait Until Older for Multiple Facial Procedures?

I've a Mastopexy/Breast Augmentation planned for summer 2010. I'm also considering face work to pin back my prominent ears and raise my brows using the "open method." I've got concerns.

First, this seems like a lot of surgery in one day- the facial specialist would do the work in the breast specialist's office.

Second, given the extensive nature of the procedure, should I hold off until I'm older and in greater need? What would you suggest? P.S. I've attached a pic; I'm in red.

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Facial and breast surgery at the same operation

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It is not unusual to combine procedures, provided they don't exceed the safety envelope unique for each patient.

Your brows will be challenging given the difference in eye height (right lower than left) and opposing slant of the cant of the mouth (down on the left). An observant facelift expert can discuss with you how to minimize the appearance of asymmetry by tailoring a surgery for yor unique features.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Multiple procedures at one setting

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Although this seems like alot, I believe you would obtain an excellent outcome. Your ears will not change with time and you might as well get the benefit of doing them now. We freqeuntly perform ear surgery on 5 year old children. In regards to the brow lift, this is a relatively mild invasive surgery and can enhance your already pleasing brow & youthful face. I certainly would make sure that your anesthesia is managed properly and that you are in optimal physical health prior to proceeding but I believe you will be pleased with the outcome.

When to have multiple procedures is a personal preference

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It is certainly acceptable to undergo breast surgery and facial surgery simultaneously. Talk with both of your surgeons, and both procedures could probably be done simultaneously to minimize the amount of anesthesia and operatory time. An otoplasty and coronal browlift can be done at the same time as breast augmentation and mastopexy. There is no correct answer for when the operations need to be done, it’s a personal preference. They can be done at a younger age or an older age as long as the patient is in excellent health.

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Multiple procedures

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Otoplasty and brow lift are great procedures and can be done under twilight anesthesia or IV sedation. The body procedures are usually done under general anesthesia. General anesthesia has a slightly higher complication rate especially when the procedure is long. If the facial procedures do not make the time in surgery significantly longer, it would probably be safe and cost effective to do them together.

Lee Robinson, MD - RETIRED
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

Multiple procedures save you time, money and you get to enjoy it now.

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 Having said that some patients prefer to break up the timing. If money is not the issue, do them together: otherwise do them separately. There is no other advantage for waiting.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Face and Breast Procedures at same Time

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When multiple procedures are done we tend to do them ion the order which offers the best use of time and space. It is important that time be used effectively to minimize your time on the OR table.

In your case, logistically, the facial surgery should probably be started first. By the time it is nearly completed, the breast surgery can be started. While the placement of the implants does not take a long time, most of the time is spent with you sitting up to allow the surgeon to properly lift and shape the breasts as they should look in the sitting / standing position. This makes any surgery on the face harder.

The brow lift surgery needs to be done in a way that would narrow the forehead and not sift an already high hairline backwards. But I am sure your surgeon already knows it.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Combining face and breast work

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Certainly both can be done at the same time by one or more surgeons. Facial asymmetry is common and you have some. This should be recognized by your surgeon so that you have a happy outcome.

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