Why Do You Have to Wait 6 Months After Breastfeeding to Have Labia Reduction Surgery?

Why Do You Have to Wait 6 Months After Breastfeeding to Have Labia Reduction Surgery?

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Labiaplasty timing after breast feeding

Although it is generally not recommended to have surgery while breast feeding, it is possible to undergo labiaplasty as soon as you are finished.  As long as your labia have stabilized in size, if there was any change during the pregnancy that is, its is reasonable to have the surgery.  Best of luck...RAS 

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Labiaplasty after childbirth

It sounds as if you have received a recommendation to wait six months after breast feeding to have labia reduction performed. The best person to get the rationale from is the person (physician?) who instructed you in the first place.   You will likely receive different recommendations from different physicians.  I do not see a scientific reason for this particular recommendation.  However, pregnancy and childbirth certainly cause physical changes to the genitalia and just like changes to other areas of the body with pregnancy, there is a period of several months after childbirth where your body will continue to change and it is likely that this is the reason for waiting.  

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Labiaplasty and breast feeding

I'm not sure what is the rationale of waiting six months after breast feeding to get a labiaplasty. You might not want to do it while you breast feeding, which makes sense to avoid medications getting into the breast milk. Did you have a vaginal or C-section delivery? You might want to wait until the pstpartum swelling resolves.

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Breast-feeding and Labia Minora Reduction?

 Thank you for the question.

I have not heard or read of any reasons to wait for 6 months after breast-feeding to have labia minora reduction surgery (except possibly and indirectly to make sure post partum swelling has subsided). I would be interested if you come across any logical rationale.



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