Should I Wait for 2 Years to See if Medial Frontalis Muscle Will Repair Anymore?

18 mo. after coronal brow lift, left eyebrow is still 1" lower than right. Surgeon used Botox on right & on "drooping" left eye, but wears off. After1 yr, the outer frontalis muscle started to work, but inner muscle doesn't. Weary with waiting and hate the "heaviness". Would a small incision above the brow, a brow-life in the (now receded) hairline, etc. work? Left eyebrow elevates w/ finger & matches the right. Is this more difficult surgery than original coronal lift? NO PICTURES ONLINE EXCEPT TO DRS.

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Doubt waiting will resolve issues

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First of all, although you are trying to describe your problem with words, it is very difficult for us to get a proper perspective without photos.

The only advice that we can really give you accurately is that waiting any longer likely will not change your situation.

Since a significant part of your concern involves movement, you really need an in person consultation.

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Brow Lift Asymmetry after Browlift

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    After 18 months following coronal brow lift, more surgery may be appropriate to help with the droop.  There may be several options here based upon exam.

Asymerty s/p Coronal Brow Lift

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Some asymmetry after a brow lift can be common but, one inch is most likely not normal. It is fortunate that you like the elevated brow on the your right. Since you already have a coronal incision the most likely approach would be to utilize this incision to correct the asymmetry. The recovery most likely will be quicker than your original surgery. May I suggest you return to surgeon & request how they plan to correct your post-operative condition. Most practitioners have specific policies on re-operative or corrective surgery. If you are not satisfied consider getting a copy of your operative report & pre-operative pictures and seek out a second option. Perhaps a member of the ASAPS in your area could be of assistance? They are experts in corrective cosmetic surgery. Best,


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