How Should I Wait to Dissolve Emervel?

Hi, I had HA (emervel volume) injected in the notches of my chin. But It was not correctly placed. I want it to be dissolved, I know it can be dissolved with hyaluronidase, but I am wondering, is it particularly risky to do it in the chin? How long should I wait before doing it? Thanks you for your help,

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Not having access to your picture, I can't be absolutely sure what is going on.  What is fortunate with hyaluronidase is that it really only works on the newly placed hyaluronic and does little or nothing to the normal HAs that exisit in our dermis.  I usually recommend 2 and possibly three treatments so that you don't dissolve too much the first time.  Once the injectable is dissolved you will return to original contours.  Good luck!

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