Should I Wait to Get a Breast Reduction?

I am 20 years old, 5'8.5'', 145 lbs, last bra was a 30GG and now that is too small. I have given up and only wear sports bras without much support. I used to be a runner in high school and have gained weight since I have been at college for the past 3 years. Last year I had a consultation and the surgeon told me my right breast was larger but I should wait to have it done because she was sure I was still growing. I believe I was a 135 lbs, 30DDD at the time. I would love to have it done asap.

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Get what you want, NOT what the insurance company wants

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At age 20 with 30 GGG breasts, now would be a good time for a breast reduction.  There is a new technique called The Ultimate Breast Reduction.  This is done without a vertical incision and avoids the traditional boat anchor technique of the Wise pattern that was developed in 1956.  The other advantage of this technique is you can select the size you want rather than having excessive reduction to meet insurance criteria.  The weight of your breast is transferred from the skin envelope to the underlying muscle, which produces immediate pain relief.  At 5'8 and 145 lbs, you body surface area is 1.77 meters squared.  If you had Aetna insurance they would require 620 gram removal.  At size 30 bra each 100 grams is 1 cup size change.  You would go down 6 cup sizes and would be approximately a size C.  If that is too small for you the you might consider paying for it yourself and get what you want rather than what the insurance company wants.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

The Sooner The Better

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In my 23 years of experience, the number one regrets my patients had was that they waited to get their breast reduced.   I do not hesitate to offer breast reductions after the age of sixteen (16).  I can offer a Mini revision at little cost should the breast go through another growth spurt, as long as the weight remained the same. It will set you free to enjoy all kinds of activities that would otherwise be uncomfortable or down right pain ful. DO NOT HESITATE, make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon and start planning  a better quality life!

Manuel M. Pena, MD
Naples Plastic Surgeon

Waiting for breast reduction?

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If your large breast size is causing problems in your life (can't find clothes that fit, back/neck/shoulder pain, grooves in your shoulders from the bra strap, inability to exercise...) then there is no reason the delay a breast reduction. You are unlikely to grow much more unless you gain weight which may happen because your large breasts are preventing exercise. Schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. There are many different techniques depending on how your breasts look. Make sure your surgeon knows how to do a variety of techniques depending on your anatomy. Breast reduction patients are among the happiest and most grateful patients! Good luck.

20 and a breast reduction

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At 20 years old, you are more than likely at adult height and weight and it is unlikely that your breasts will grow anymore.

Is 20 old enough for breast reduction?

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At age 20, you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.  A GG is an extremely large cup size and, when combined with your height and weight, is a prescription for back, neck and shoulder pain.  At this point, your breasts should be fully developed, barring further weight gain.  After breast reduction, you will be able to exercise again and this should help with your weight as well.  See a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation to re-discuss the operation.

Timing Of Breast Reduction

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I do not see a reason to delay your breast reduction.  30GG is a very large cup size for your frame and I can understand your symptoms and frustration.  Most 20 year-olds have plateaued in their breast development, assuming a stable weight.  I would seek a second opinion.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Timing of Breast Reduction?

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I'm sorry to hear about the problems your disproportionally large breasts have caused you. I do not hear anything in your description that makes me think that you will be better off waiting to have the procedure performed. If you were to tell me that you could not tolerate the resulting scars or were  planning on having pregnancies in the near future, I might suggest that you delay  undergoing the breast reduction procedure;  otherwise, this procedure is one of the most patient pleasing operations performed,  both from the physical and psychosocial standpoints.

 I would suggest that you meet with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.  Ask to see lots of examples of that work. Educate yourself about the pros/cons as well as the potential risk/complications associated with breast reduction surgery  (the attached link may be helpful to you) ;doing these things will help you make a determination about the best timing to proceed with this operation.

Best wishes.

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