Wait until Botox wears off before surgery consultation?

I have one slightly hooded upper lid, and had botox 3 weeks ago in an attempt to lift brow/forehead. Well, he injected botox in my forehead, which made the hooding slightly worse. I have been considering surgery anyway, so should I wait the botox to wear off before going in for a consultation? Also, do you think botox can ultimately help if it is injected only in to depressor muscles and never the forehead? Thanks.

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Wait until Botox wears off before surgery consultation?

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I would suggest waiting until the Botox has worn off before surgery; your plastic surgeon will probably tell you this anyway. It is important for the doctor to see what your natural features look like in order to provide the best solution. There is no harm in seeing your plastic surgeon for a consultation while the Botox is still in effect but the surgery should not be performed while it is still effectively altering your features.

Eyelid ptosis - should I wait until Botox is gone for surgery consult

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Your doctor will probably not want to do surgery until the Botox has worn off entirely so the natural ptosis you already have can be properly evaluated and assessed. Otherwise, too much or a lift, or not enough of a lift, could possibly be done. While you can meet with your intended surgeon beforehand to discuss the procedure, definitely don't book anything surgical until the full effects of the Botox have worn off.

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Botox and eyelid surgery.

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Botox can be used to give a modest lift of the brow when properly injected but will certainly not be as impressive as surgery. My thought would be to wait until the product wore off completely so the person doing your eyelid surgery could get a sense of what your baseline hooding is.

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